Jumat, 13 April 2012

Han Hye Jin reassures Lee Hyori about her ‘Healing Camp’ appearance

Actress and ‘Healing Camp‘ co-host Han Hye Jin has put Lee Hyori‘s worries about the show to rest.
After finishing the filming for SBS‘s ‘Healing Camp’ on April 11th, Lee Hyori previously expressed worryover being a little too open and honest on the program. Lee Hyori wrote on her Twitter, “I’m sort of scared. I think I revealed and opened up too much. What should I do? Should I run away with the tape?” and expressed her worries about the recording with a little joke.
Han Hye Jin sent a message to Lee Hyori through Twitter on the 12th saying, “Unni.  It’s Hye Jin from ‘Healing’. Don’t worry. You were so amazing and honest that I was really drawn to you. I learned a lot, and I truly am your fan. Thank you for all your hard work filming for long hours yesterday. Thank you for making ‘Healing’ shine.”
Fans who saw the tweets of the two stars said, “Both of them are very likable,” “I feel warm inside. I have to watch this right when it airs,” and “I think the ratings will be very high.”
The episode of ‘Healing Camp’ that has Lee Hyori worried is planned for broadcast in early May.
Source: Financial News via Naver

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